Monthly Archives: February 2013

Money & Mission: Demonstrating Nonprofit Financial Leadership

I was reviewing a colleague’s annual budget yesterday and was immensely impressed; it was an absolute work of art – beautifully organized, meticulously categorized, and elegant in its straightforward ‘readability’.  He told me that the pre-budgeting process required dozens of hours of sweat equity and planning, but that subsequent budgets are relatively easy.  His hard […]

Top 10 Excuses Board Members Make For Not Contributing to their Nonprofit’s Annual Fund (and why you should never accept any of them)

“Trustees are the bellwether. They provide the leadership. If they are not giving generously themselves, if they are not out there asking for money, the organization is going to have some problems.”   – Thomas Wolf, Managing a Nonprofit Organization in the 21st Century The issue of board giving is a sticky one; particularly among new […]

Incivility in the Nonprofit Sector: The Importance of Strong Leadership

I came to dread interactions with a client’s staff members.  There was an unhealthy culture of divisiveness, territoriality, and paranoia that permeates the organization, making it extremely challenging to move the organization forward.  Coworkers were convinced that their office mates were hired to “spy on them”.  They were routinely rude to one another, as well […]